Fairfax County, Virginia - See Colonial times through the eyes of our founding fathers - June 2012
Connect with a historic summer Join two of our nation's founding fathers for summer events and Independence Day celebrations in Fairfax County, Virginia, just outside Washington, DC.
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See Colonial times through the eyes of our founding fathers
With Independence Day on the horizon, there simply cannot be a more patriotic destination than Fairfax County, Virginia. To begin with, we're located right next to Washington, DC. We're ripe with Colonial history. And we're home to two of our nation's founding fathers—George Washington and George Mason.

Born in 1725, George Mason was a fourth generation Virginian, senior statesman and one of the era's most influential figures. He refused to sign the Constitution, in part because it didn't abolish the slave trade. And his Virginia Declaration of Rights was the model used for drafting the Bill of Rights. His home, Gunston Hall, is a key stop for history buffs, as is his memorial in DC. Celebrate his contributions at:

George Washington was our nation's first president and his home, Mount Vernon, is a focal point of the county. Prepare to spend an entire day here, strolling through the extensive museum of Colonial history, exploring the grounds, visiting Washington's Tomb, and stepping back in time to experience Colonial life. Plus, find an extra dose of fun at the following events: Make Fairfax County your base of operations for a historic tour of the National Capital Region this summer. On this side of the Potomac, you'll find amazing shopping, affordable accommodations, great restaurants and a few of the area's most popular attractions. So make your plans today!
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Around The Bend
Fairfax County's 11 farmers markets are in full swing. All products sold are produced by vendors within 125 miles of Fairfax County, so you can be assured that the produce you purchase is fresh, locally-grown and consistently good.
Fairfax County Farmers Market
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Fairfax County, Virginia - Connect With America
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